Wickwoods Country Club, Hotel & Spa

Plans, Investment & Environment

Over the next few years, Wickwoods will be undergoing a significant and exciting transformation through an ongoing multi-million-pound investment. Alongside the development already commencing, there are further plans for an extension to the indoor pool and spa, plus improvements to the building’s façade.

Our continued investment into the club’s facilities will progressively take into account our overall aim to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Padel Tennis Development - Date TBC

One of the fastest growing sports across Europe, Padel has gained increased popularity, and Wickwoods will be commencing development of 2 Padel courts!

Padel offers a great physical activity which is fun and social! Suitable for all ages and abilities, as it is easy to play. Most gain the basics in the initial 30 minutes of play. Padel is not about strength, more the technique and serve. Points are won by your strategy rather than strength and power. It therefore offers better mixed play, a game for all to play together. It's similar to Tennis and Squash. However, it’s usually always played in doubles. Courts are enclosed by glass and metal mash and is one-third the size of a tennis court. You can bounce the ball against any wall but it can only hit the turf once prior to being returned. Points are scored when the ball bounces twice in the opponent's side.


Operating our Spa Garden to be greener

  • We use air sourced heat pumps to heat the pools in the Spa Garden (Gets its energy from the surrounding air and converts this into heat for the water facilities.)
  • UV Light Filtration System in the outdoor swimming pool. This saves energy and is considered one of the most effective ways of killing bacteria and other microorganisms found in water sources. UV filtration systems do not require any type of chemical that can bring harm to the body, better for skin, hair and the environment.
  • Infrared Heating in the Loggia: Ensures that the heat is released to the people near the heater, not into the air around the heater to conserve energy.
  • Another recent decision was to provide members with their own dressing gown on joining as opposed to providing these on a single use basis which then require washing in house or for them to be sent by haulage to a commercial laundry.

A Greener Wickwoods

We are committed to limiting the environmental impact of operating Wickwoods. The following are some of the changes we have already implemented to help make Wickwoods greener:
- Installed LED lighting throughout
- Installed electric car charging points
- We use Bio LPG throughout the club which is currently the cleanest, most effective gas as it derives from waste residues and sustainably-sourced materials.
- Paper at the club is sent to a third party company who destroys our paper waste and is then 100% securely recycled.
- Recent IT upgrades allowing us to transferring to more paperless processes.
- Old tennis balls are now recycled via Recyclaball
- The coffee grounds from the bar are saved and used as a fertiliser for the WW gardens.
- Eco cleaning products throughout the business
- Sugarcane workout bottles are given to joiners, which have a negative carbon footprint.
- Wickwoods pens are made from renewable raw materials and are biodegradable.

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