Wickwoods Country Club, Hotel & Spa

Plans, Investment & Environment

Over the next few years, Wickwoods will be undergoing a significant and exciting transformation through an ongoing multi-million-pound investment. Alongside the development already commencing, there are further plans for an extension to the indoor pool and spa, plus improvements to the building’s façade.

Padel Tennis Development - Autumn 2021

One of the fastest growing sports across Europe, padel has gained increased popularity, and Wickwoods will be commencing development of 2 Padel courts!

Padel offers a great physical activity which is fun and social! Suitable for all ages and abilities, as it is easy to play. Most gain the basics in the initial 30 minutes of play. Padel is not about strength, more the technique and serve. Points are won by your strategy rather than strength and power. It therefore offers better mixed play, a game for all to play together. It's similar to Tennis and Squash. However, it’s usually always played in doubles. Courts are enclosed by glass and metal mash and is one-third the size of a tennis court. You can bounce the ball against any wall but it can only hit the turf once prior to being returned. Points are scored when the ball bounces twice in the opponent's side.

A Greener Wickwoods

We are committed to limiting the environmental impact of operating Wickwoods. The following are some of the changes we have already implemented to help make Wickwoods greener: LED lighting throughout, electric car charging points, and the introduction of sugarcane workout bottles. Air sourced heat pumps are the primary heat source for The Spa Garden, and for inside Wickwoods Bio LPG is our main source of heating (Bio LPG is the cleanest, most effective gas available and is derived from waste residues and sustainably-sourced materials). Our continued investment into the club’s facilities will progressively take into account our overall aim to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

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