Wickwoods Country Club, Hotel & Spa

Terms & conditions

You'll find all of the terms and conditions of our hotel, spa, fitness facilities, and events below.

Club rules T&Cs

  • Name and address

    The name and address of the Club is Wickwoods Country Club, Hotel and Spa, Shaveswood Lane, Albourne, West Sussex. BN6 9DY.

  • Objectives

    To provide and maintain facilities for both sporting and recreational activities to a balanced subscribed membership. To supply members with food and refreshments including beer, wine and spirits at reasonable prices fixed by the Proprietor / Company.

  • The constitution

    The Proprietor / Company will maintain the Club facilities and do everything reasonably necessary to enable membership in accordance with these rules, including the engaging and payment of staff for matters associated with the smooth running of the facilities.

  • Membership

    Limited membership shall be made available, which the Proprietor / Company may change from time to time. All memberships are subject to availability.

  • Single membership

    This is available for individuals over the age of 16 years. It allows full use of the Club and its facilities during all operating hours.

  • Application for membership

    a) Every candidate for membership shall complete and lodge with the Club an appropriate application form signed by the applicant together with at least the joining and first month’s fee. The Proprietor / Company reserve the right to accept or reject any application for membership at his discretion.

    b) All memberships are subject to photo ID.

  • Honorary and temporary memberships

    The Proprietor / Company shall have the power to elect Honorary and Temporary membership on such terms and conditions as they shall think fit.

  • Election of members

    All applications for membership shall be considered by the Proprietor / Company who shall have the power to reject any application for membership without assigning reason or giving explanation.

  • Subscription and fees

    a) The members shall pay to the Proprietor / Company an annual or monthly subscription, which shall be determined by the Proprietor / Company, (see current applicable Membership Form).

    b) Subscriptions shall become payable yearly or monthly in advance from date of election for the ensuing twelve months. The Proprietor / Company shall have the authority to vary all subscription and joining fees. Members who have not paid their subscriptions by the due date for renewal in each year shall cease to be members, although shall be eligible to re-join subject to the availability of membership at that time and subject to a joining fee.

  • Cessation of membership and fees

    Membership of the Club shall cease when:

    a) Cancellation is subject to 2 months’ notice, in writing addressed to the Club, resigning membership to the Club. Suspended memberships cannot form part of this notice period.

    b) Suspension of membership is subject to 1 months’ notice in writing addressed to the club. Suspension of membership is only available on medical grounds with the support of a valid medical document.

    c) By failure to pay the annual subscription on or by the due date.

    d) When the Proprietor / Company in its absolute discretion and without assigning reason or explanation may terminate or suspend the membership of any member.

    e) When a Temporary member’s term has expired.

    f) There is no refund on un-expired membership fees except at the absolute discretion of the Proprietor / Company and in any event shall be limited to a minimum of six months’ charge and subject to an administration charge of £50.00.

    g) A prior member will not be eligible to benefit from promotions offered to attract new members.

  • Rights of members

    A duly elected member of any classification shall be entitled to benefits as limited by their category and shall be bound by the Rules of the Club for the time being in force although shall acquire no proprietary rights in the Club premises or in any of the property therein.

  • Liability of members

    The facility of members shall be limited to the amount of their subscription.
    Members and member’s guests frequenting the Club using the facilities available, do so entirely at their own risk. The Proprietor / Company will not accept any responsibility for direct personal injury or consequential loss.

  • Members - special provisions

    a) No Club member or guest shall bring intoxicating liquor, soft drinks or food onto the Club premises.

    b) All members must produce their current membership card at Reception and prior to entering the Club.

    c) All members’ guests must be signed in and the current guest fee, which may vary from time to time, paid, or a guest pass used, except when using the restaurant or bar. All guests using the facilities must sign a waiver declaration upon signing in.

    d) All members must advise the Club Manager of any change of address.

    e) Any member losing their membership card shall be required to get a replacement at Reception.

    f) Membership cards are not transferable and any member who allows his card to be used by any other person or member shall be liable to expulsion.

    g) No persons under 18 years of age may consume intoxicating liquor whilst on the Club premises

    h) All tennis playing members and their guests must wear non-marking shoes, acceptable tennis clothing in accordance with the Lawn Tennis Association’s regulations. Any members not complying with this rule may be asked to leave the courts immediately.

    i) Club members along with their children and guests will, at all times, behave in an orderly and mature manner and failing to do so may result in expulsion from the Club.

    j) It is the responsibility of members to keep their children under proper control at all times. Failure to do this will result in the member being expelled from the Club.

    k) Parents and guardians of children under 16 years of age must supervise them at all times whilst in the Club.

    l) Children (16 years and under) swimming times must be strictly adhered to. These are subject to variation and can be found posted around the Club.

    m) Please be aware that only approved swimming aids may be used in the pool.

    n) No tubes, flippers, masks, snorkels, footballs, bikes, skateboards, kites or any other article deemed by the staff as unsuitable shall be allowed into the Club or allowed for use in the pool.

    o) The Club premises or any part thereof may on any day of the year, at the discretion of the Proprietor / Company, be used for functions which members shall not be entitled to attend except with the Proprietor’s/ Company’s consent.

    p) The Proprietor / Company reserve the right to preclude any persons from the premises without assigning reason or giving explanation.

    q) Suitable attire is required throughout the Club. Men are not to wear vests in the Club other than in the gym. All members shall remain fully clothed in the Club other than when using the pool and wet facilities. In this case, all members will wear an appropriate swimming costume at all times.

    r) All members will abide by the Club Complaints Procedure, which is available on request

  • Facilities

    At the absolute discretion of the Proprietor / Company any or all of the facilities may be temporarily or permanently closed for maintenance or any other reason without prior notice in the interests of health and safety.

  • Guests

    Members may bring a guest to the Club subject to limitations. Members are requested to adhere to the guest policy and abuse of the guest policy may result in withdrawal of membership.

    a) Guests may only attend the Club in the company of a valid paid-up member.

    b) Other than when dining, the facilities are limited to a maximum of two guests per membership at any one time. All children under 16 years (members or guests) must vacate the Club by 8:30pm.

    c) Guests using the facilities may only do so after a member has produced a valid guest pass or purchased a day pass at the prevailing guest rate. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure guest fees are paid. All guests are to be signed in and out at reception when utilising the facilities.

    d) Guest fees do not apply when purely dining, although reservations are required for parties which include more than three guests.

    e) Individual guest visits are restricted to 5 times in any one 12-month period when using the facilities.

    f) Members are responsible for the good conduct of their guests and must ensure their guests abide by the Club’s rules to ensure that the peace and enjoyment of all members is preserved.

    g) No member may bring a guest to the Club who has been refused membership or ejected from the Club.

    h) Guest Passes are issued to existing members when they join and on an annual basis thereafter or when a new member is referred and joins the Club.

    i) All guests using the facilities must sign a waiver document when signing in.

    j) To avoid any disappointment, we strongly advise that Members book their guests in ahead of time by contacting reception on 01273 857567.

    k) The Club reserves the right to restrict guests during peak periods without notice and to make changes to the guest policy that are in the best interests of the Club.

  • Persons under 16 years and 14 years respectively

    a) The Proprietor / Company reserve the right to preclude any persons from the premises without assigning reason or giving explanation.

    b) Persons under 16 years are not permitted within the spa, steam, sauna, gym or bar areas.

    c) A parent’s or guardian’s membership covers persons up to the age of 16 years who are listed on a family membership.

    d) From the date of their 16th birthday children must become Adult members if they wish to continue to use the Club.

    e) In order to maintain a period of comparative peace at the Club children under the age of 16 may attend the Club until 8.30pm Monday – Thursday and 9.00pm Friday – Sunday only, by which time they must vacate the Club premises.

    f) Swimming times, which may vary from time to time, apply to children under 16 years and it is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to be aware of notices in this respect.

    g) Children over 5 years may only change in the same gender or family changing areas.

  • Dress code

    When frequenting the Club, members are respectfully asked to maintain a respectable level of dress, in particular:

    a) Wear suitable footwear at all times other than when physically going to, using and leaving the pool and spa complex.

    b) Wear a shirt, trousers, shorts, dress, wrap skirt, tee shirt, blouse, or similar at all times other than when physically going to, using and leaving the pool, spa complex and gymnasium.

    c) Vests for men are not permitted.

    d) Sports wear is not permitted in the restaurant area.

    e) Sport tops, shorts and footwear must be worn in the gymnasium at all times.

    f) The wearing of swimming costumes is restricted to the pool, spa and changing areas only.

    g) On occasion entry to events may be limited to the strict dress code i.e. Black Tie.

  • Opening and operating hours

    a) The Club premises will be open to members at such hours as the Proprietor / Company may notify.

    b) The permitted hours for the supply and consumption of intoxicating liquor on the Club premises to Members and their guest shall be the permitted hours of the Club’s approved licence. Such hours shall be notified to members on request.

    c) The Club facilities operating hours may not be the same as the Clubs opening hours. Such hours shall be notified to members on request.

    d) Opening, operating and consumption hours may vary or permanently change from time to time.

  • General

    a) The Proprietor / Company reserves the right to refuse admission to any member or guest and to terminate or suspend the membership without assigning or giving reason for any such action or giving any explanation to that member.

    b) If any member fails to comply with the Rules of the Club or in the opinion of the Proprietor / Company conducts himself/herself either in or outside the Club bringing the Club into disrepute, the Proprietor / Company may in his absolute discretion caution, suspend or expel any such member without assigning a reason for any such action or giving any explanation to that member

    c) The Proprietor / Company do not accept liability for loss or damage to property of a member or guest. Although personal lockers are available no secure storage facilities are provided and accordingly the Proprietor / Company recommend that no property of value should be brought onto the Club premises and left unguarded.

    d) The Proprietor / Company reserve the right to ask any person who is judged to be causing a nuisance to leave the Club. Failure to do so will result in termination of membership.

    e) A prior member will not be eligible to benefit from promotions offered to attract new members within three months of a prior period of membership being held.

  • Alteration to the rules

    These rules are subject to alteration, deletion or addition by the Proprietor / Company without prior notice.

  • Closing of the club

    The Proprietor / Company may at any time in his absolute discretion and without prior notice, close the Club premises or any of the facilities temporarily and may, by giving three months prior written notice affixed to the Club notice board dissolve and close down the Club. In the event of such dissolution and closing down, the membership of all members shall be deemed terminated and they have no rights or claims against the Proprietor.

  • Interpretation of rules

    The Proprietor / Company whose decision shall be final and binding on all members of the Club shall determine any dispute or differences which may arise in regard to interpretation of these rules.

  • Dogs

    Please note that dogs are not permitted on the premises at any time with the exception of guide dogs.

  • Lockers

    Lockers are provided to members free of charge although the use for the securing valuables is entirely at the members risk and the Club is not able to take any responsibility for any lost items. Members may only use the lockers during their use of the facilities on any given day and are not permitted to leave items in the lockers overnight and as such the Club may remove the items left in lockers and place these without liability into lost property. If the Club is able to identify the member who has left items in a locker overnight then the Club reserves the right to make a charge of £15.00 for emptying the locker and for covering the admin cost of recovering the key. In the event a member happens to lose a key for a locker the Club will charge for the keys and wrist straps replacement at £15.00 each or at a higher cost should such be charged by the supplier.

  • Booking policy

    a) Members are able to make bookings by phone, email, online or in person.

    b) Bookings made by email are not firm bookings unless a confirmation email has been sent by Club confirming the booking.

    c) The Club offers no guarantee with regard to responding to bookings made by email within a specified timescale.

    d) Members who book classes or courts and either do not turn up for the booking or fail to cancel the booking 24 hrs prior, may be blocked from booking classes.

    e) The Club reserves the right to release booked spaces, tables, tickets or courts 15 min after a scheduled booking in the event of a no show.

    f) Where applicable, the member is responsible for payment of additional facility fees.

    g) Facilities may only be used in the name of the person who made the booking.

    h) Bookings are not transferable.

    i) Where fees have been paid in advance for a booking, credit for cancelled bookings will be given only at the discretion of the management, although in any event there will be no credit if the space, facility, table, event or ticket is not re-let.

Exercise class T&Cs

  • Expand

    Members can book classes and tennis courts up to 8 days in advance, either online or via the terminals located in the club. For bookings made in person or by phone it is 6 days in advance.

    We will be constantly monitoring the attendance of the classes and additional classes will be added to the schedule over time as the level of attendance develops.

    For details of how to register your account and book online please pick up a copy of the ‘Useful Information’ document in the club.

    To ensure the best possible experience and availability, we would be most grateful if all members could please note the following studio and booking etiquette:

    1. All members who book courts or classes and are subsequently unable to attend the booking are requested to cancel the booking in good time to ensure maximum availability.
    2. The club writes to all members who fail to cancel bookings and restricts bookings for those who repeatedly fail to cancel or repeatedly cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice.
    3. Members are asked to arrive five minutes before the class starts to register their attendance, collect equipment and be ready to start the warm up.
    4. Late arrivals are not allowed to join the class to ensure a quality experience for those that do arrive in good time, as well as to ensure all attendees thoroughly warm up.
    5. Members are required to wipe down equipment and work-out space used during the class in the interest of hygiene for all members.
    6. Members are asked to put all studio equipment away neatly in the studio cupboard after each class.

Tennis courts T&Cs

  • Expand

    As a Premier Tennis Venue, we endeavour to provide the best possible service and court availability to members.

    To assist in this objective, Members are respectfully requested to adhere to code of conduct and conditions detailed below.

    Should you have any observations on any of the aspects provided, please email lg@wickwoods.co.uk.

  • Booking/cancellation of the courts

    - Courts should be cancelled at the earliest opportunity when it is not possible to take up the booking.
    - Members cannot take to the courts without a booking.
    - Members are not able to book courts for other members or guests.
    - Members may only reserve one court at a time.

  • Arriving for your game

    - Please ensure you have registered (by swiping your Membership Card) for your booking at Reception prior to taking to the courts.
    - Please allow the prior booking to complete their allocated time before walking onto the court.

  • Use of the courts

    - Players should wear appropriate tennis attire and non-marking trainers on court.
    - Vests for men are not permitted in any area other than the gym.
    - Please respect members’ use of adjoining courts and keep noise to a minimum (shouting etc.)
    - Remove or dispose of used balls, ball cans and other refuse in bins provided before leaving the court.
    - Please do not leave jugs, plastic cups or litter on the courts.
    - Please leave the court no later than your allocated booking time, regardless of game stage.

  • No shows/lateness

    - A court booking will be released 15 minutes after the booking time when the member has not registered (swiped their Membership Card).
    - Members are encouraged to report no-shows on courts to Reception.
    - No-show courts can be taken over 15 minutes after the booking time by prior agreement with Reception.

  • Tennis equipment

    - The Club cannot lend tennis balls. These can be purchased at Reception.
    - Borrowing tennis rackets is subject to availability and may require a deposit.
    - Tennis equipment is to be sensibly stored, Members are encouraged to use open lockers in the Bar area and on the Members’ Terrace (the Club cannot take any responsibility for any lost or damaged items).

Your Spa & Treatments T&Cs

  • New clients

    Please advise our receptionist if it is your first visit to Your Spa. This will allow extra time for your appointment should it be needed.

    Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment. We will require you to fill out our client questionnaire.

  • Deposits

    Appointments over 2 hours require a 100% deposit to secure the booking.

    Spa Days must be paid in full upon booking.

  • Appointment times

    All times stated in this booklet include consultation and changing time before and after your treatment.

  • Arrival time

    Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to relax and unwind.

    Should you arrive late, your treatment time may be reduced but you will be charged the full price.

  • Cancellation policy

    Treatments – we require 24 hours’ notice to cancel an appointment. If cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment, you will be charged at 50%. This still applies if you wish to reschedule. Should you miss your appointment, 100% of the booking will be charged.

    Spa days – we require 48 hours notice to cancel. Spa days cancelled within 48 hours will be subject to a 50% cancellation charge. This will still apply if you wish to reschedule. If a spa day is missed or cancelled on the day, 100% of the booking is non-refundable.

  • Spa days

    Spa days must be paid in full upon booking.

    50% cancellation charge will be applied if you cancel within 48 hours of your booking. This will still apply if you wish to reschedule.

    If a spa day is missed or cancelled on the day, 100% of the purchase price is non-refundable.

    Spa days are available to over 18s only.

  • Gift vouchers

    Gift vouchers must be redeemed within the date stated on the voucher.

    Gift vouchers are not exchangeable for cash and cannot be replaced if lost or damaged.

    The voucher must be presented on the day of your treatment.

    Missing your appointment will forfeit 100% of the voucher's value.

  • Offers and loyalty

    Collect your loyalty card to earn reward stamps towards a £10.00 voucher.

    View our monthly Your Spa newsletter to read current offers and top seasonal tips.

    Pick up your copy of our Your Spa newsletter at the spa or download it online.

    View our Facebook and Twitter for our special offers @WickwoodsClub.

  • Use of Wickwoods facilities

    As a non-member, the use of the club facilities is subject to booking a spa day.

    As a non-member, the use of club facilities cannot be purchased.

Hotel T&Cs

  • Cancellation policy

    Should you find you are unable to visit us, then we can issue you a full refund if we are informed more than 2 weeks prior to the booking. Cancellations within 2 weeks of the booking or a no-show would be non-refundable.

  • Credit card authorisation

    We require full payment upon booking to secure the room.

  • Reception opening hours/check-in/check-out

    Reception is open between 6:30am – 10:00pm, Monday - Saturday and 7:00am - 8:00pm on Sundays

    Check-in is between 2:30pm and 10:00pm, Monday - Saturday, and 2:30pm - 8:00pm on Sundays

    Check-out is by 11:00am

  • Payment options

    We are happy to accept the following payment options:

    • Cash
    • American Express
    • Maestro/Switch
    • Mastercard
    • Visa
  • Pet policy

    Please note: pets are not allowed on the premises at any time with the exception of guide dogs.

  • Facility charges

    Please note: as our comprehensive facilities are part of an independent members club, we charge £10.00 per person per day for hotel guests.

  • Parking

    Parking is free of charge for residents of the hotel.

  • Taxes

    All taxes are included in the room rates.

  • Children’s policy

    Wickwoods is predominantly adult orientated and as such, we are unable to accommodate children under the age of 18 within the hotel (with the exception of those attending a function at the venue).

  • Noise

    Due to the close proximity of our bedrooms, we kindly ask our guests to be respectful of other guests and keep the noise down at all times.

  • Disabled access

    For hotel access/mobility information, please call reception on 01273 857567.

Event bookings T&Cs

  • Expand

    All bookings made by clients for conferences, accommodation, functions or any other facilities at Wickwoods Country Club, Hotel & Spa (hereinafter called ‘The Company’) are subject to the following terms and conditions.

  • 1. Deposits

    A deposit is required to confirm any booking. For weddings/private functions the deposit as agreed is required to secure the booking with the estimated balance payable in accordance with the schedule detailed in item 2 or as agreed. The balance of charges is payable upon presentation of an invoice. All deposits are non-refundable, but may be transferable to an alternative date within the year booked subject to agreement. Any payments by credit card will incur up to a 3% charge- not including debit cards, cheques or cash.

  • 2. Cancellations

    In the event of a cancellation of a booking by the client, for whatever reason, ‘The Company’ will make a cancellation charge of the total anticipated loss of revenue to ‘The Company’ in accordance with the following schedules:

    9-3 months prior to event taking place - 50% of total value of booking

    3-1 months prior to event taking place - 75% of total value of booking

  • 3. Final numbers

    Final numbers must be received by ‘The Company’ at least twenty eight days prior to arrival together with full payment. In the event there is a reduction in numbers a surcharge of up to 100% against those numbers reduced may be charged.

  • 4. Accommodation

    The Company requires the client to book all accommodation for the night of their function unless otherwise agreed.

  • 5. Payments

    All accounts are due and payable upon receipt of invoice prior to the event. ‘The Company’ reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 2.5% per week or part thereof compounded. If you have chosen to give your guests a choice for their meal Wickwoods will charge an additional surcharge of £2.00 per person. Wickwoods Country Club may increase the estimated price at any time in the event of any increase in costs payable by Wickwoods Country Club or in room hire charges or other costs.

  • 6. Limited liability

    The Company liability is limited to either that of the total cost of the function or that paid by the booking party prior, whichever is the lesser in the event the Company is unable to provide the service it is contracted to provide.

  • 7. General conditions

    a) ‘The Company’ reserves the right to change the clients’ assigned function room for another of comparable suitability.

    b) Wickwoods Country Club will not be liable for failure to comply with any terms or conditions of this contract to the extent such as compliance is prevented, hindered, or delayed by any cause beyond its control, including but not limited to, fire, storm, explosion, flood, Act of God, action of any Government or Governmental Agency, shortage of material or goods, strike, or lockout.

    c) Wickwoods Country Club may at its sole discretion cancel the function (and return the Client’s deposit) if Wickwoods Country Club considers that the function will adversely affect the smooth operation of the venue or disturb its guests.

    d) If in the opinion of ‘The Company’ either the client, or any of its servants, invitees, guests or representatives acts in a manner considered to be prejudicial to the good name of ‘The Company’, ‘The Company’ shall be at liberty to terminate the contract or event forthwith without being liable for any refund or any compensation to the client.

    e) ‘The Company’ requires to know any third party contracts for entertainment or services for a function and reserves the right to prohibit the same. ‘The Company’ also reserves the right to determine the level of noise at a function and the clients are obliged to adjust to this level. Any agreed sub-contractor booked via the bridal party must be correctly insured and details provided to the company. Any damage to the venue will be the responsibility of the booking party. Photographers/Videographers must agree and sign the brief sheet. The Company reserves the right to liaise directly with the sub-contractor in line with our agreement

    f) The customers shall be responsible for any damage or cost caused to the Company’s property or service by the customer or his guests and shall pay to ‘The Company’ on demand the amount to make good or remedy any such damage or actions that have incurred a cost to the company.

    g) ‘The Company’ can accept no responsibility for the property of customers or guests at Wickwoods Country Club.

    h) The customer agrees to be bound by all reasonable instructions of duly authorised representatives of ‘The Company’ in respect of the conduct of the function and shall further ensure that those attending shall similarly comply. No food or beverage may be brought from outside onto the premises.

    i) All meetings will terminate by 17:30 hours unless a later time is specifically agreed by ‘The Company’.

    j) All bedrooms must be vacated by 11:00 hours on the day of departure.

    k) Any written information made available to the client by ‘The Company’ shall be deemed to be incorporated herein and in the event of a dispute these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

    l) No modifications to these Terms and Conditions shall be binding upon ‘The Company’ unless the same be in writing and duly signed by ‘The Company’s’ representatives.

    m) Guests are the responsibility of the booking party and are not authorised under any circumstances to enter the pool and gym complex. Any damage therein will be liable and shall pay on demand to the club, the amount required to make good or remedy any such damage.

    n) Guests that create any disturbance will be asked to leave and any cost or damage incurred by the company will be the responsibility of the booking party.

    o) We advise that buffet food is not removed from the premise due to food storage/hygiene and the company accepts no liability for food consumed away from the premises; if removed the guest does so at their own risk.

    p) Any guest caught bringing in their own alcohol unless agreed with the management will be asked to leave the premises

    q) All Children/young adults attending a function must be kept under parents/guardians supervision at all times; attention is particular drawn to the fact that various water features can be found both internally as well as externally and these present a risk of drowning to non-swimmers and particularly to young children.

    r) All civil ceremonies must be conducted in the Glass House and are limited to certain numbers which will be advised at the time of initial welcome meeting

    s) Civil Ceremony guidelines are provided however it is the booking party’s responsibility liaise directly with the registrar

    t) With all functions/wedding control measures brief sheet & DJ & Band brief sheet are provided and are agreed upon payment of a booking deposit which agrees our terms and conditions of booking. It is the responsibility of the booking party and agreed sub-contractors to strictly adhere to these in line with company policy.

    u) All booked functions/weddings agree to provide a responsible/sober point of contact to liaise with our staff throughout the duration of the wedding/function

    v) Should the company deem additional security a necessary requirement the direct cost will be chargeable to the booking party either pre or post event