If you’re after an experience that illustrates the cultural values of the South East through craftsmanship, nature trails and the wonders of the industrial revolution, why not visit the Amberley Working Museum? With 36 acres of enjoyable family activities to experience, you can rest assured that you r entire group will enjoy their day out. With an open-air museum that provides you with all the knowledge and understanding you need surrounding the industrial heritage of Southern England, you are sure to be left feeling inspired.

In terms of history, Amberley Museum was built on top of what used to be the Amberley chalk pits. Chalk was often forged into agricultural decorations after being quarried and burnt to produce mortar. The process is known as lime burning and it was the production of lime that gave Amberley chalk pit its value. Chalk had few uses as it is a porous rock, so whilst it could be used as a building stone there was not much else it could be used for. The production of lime however, which dates back to Roman times, was used regularly as a fertiliser to break up soil and benefit vegetation.

blacksmithAs the Museum was built on top of the old quarry, you may notice many features surrounding the Museum that date back to the 19th century. As you make your way towards the museum you may notice that the ticket office and shop is in fact the old bagging sheds for the quarry that date back to the 1890’s. The first producers of Lime at Amberley, the Peppers, had offices that are now used as Museum offices. Opposite these offices are various other workshops used back in the 19th century, including the train storage shed and the blacksmith.

The Museum itself contains a wide variety of unique exhibits that portray all sorts of historical elements, from some of the oldest forms of rail transport to the Southdown bus collection. If you’re a fan of industrial work then you might be fascinated to see Wheelwrights or the Print Workshop. You might also notice that the townspeople are suited to working in traditional methods, creating a unique atmosphere rarely witnessed throughout the country today.

Steeped in historical value and with so much to explore, the Amberley Museum is a must-visit during your trip the South East. Once your day is over, why not make the short half-hour journey east to the Wickwoods country club where you can relax at our spa and stay the night in one of our pleasant hotel rooms?

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