With a huge amount of historical vale to bask in there’s no better way to recall some of the most significant moments in medieval history than to visit Arundel Castle. The Ancient Fortress has an incredible history that spans as far back as the 11th century and the time of the crusades. The castle is located just half an hour from our country club here at Wickwoods, so make sure you stop by and enjoy our lounge area or maybe order some food and drink.

Surrounded by some truly mesmerising grounds, the castle was built way back in the early 11th century by the Earl of Arundery, Roger de Montgomery.  King Henry I gifted the castle to his wife once construction was complete, before his death and its transferral of ownership to the Earl of Arundery by King Henry II.

The castle has stood as a significant monument to the various Kings and Queens of the past and has been the home of the Dukes of Norfolk for over a millennium. It has had plenty of owners since its construction in 1068, including the Fitzalans and the famous Howards.

From the Tudor period through the times of the Civil War, the castle has seen plenty of action. It was besieged during the Civil War most notably by Cromwell’s forces and suffered serious damage. It was only in the early stages of the 18th century that the castle was rebuilt by the 8th Duke of Norfolk, Thomas. Since then, it has received plenty of care and consideration over the years until a full renovation was completed in 1900.

Situated atop the rolling hills of West Sussex, the castle boasts an outstanding views and a truly remarkable landscape. The views span across the beautiful South Downs and beyond, whilst you’ll also notice the spectacular river Arun. The castle is today utilised to provide various medieval activities for tourists to enjoy, including re-enactments of some of the most significant events in Arundel’s history including the days of the Civil War and the days of the Crusaders.

You can explore the beautiful gardens which have been graciously looked after and opened to guests for well over 150 years. There’s a wide variety of foliage, vegetation and flowers to admire and the gentle atmosphere will only add to the satisfaction of your day.

Arundel Castle is always hosting a new event that encourages tourist and family outings, so keep an eye on what’s going on by having a look at their website. There are some wonderful exhibitions to witness throughout the year whilst the castle even hosts its own jousting competition on occasion.

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