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Rounded shoulders? Here is the solution!

SEATED CABLE ROW Would you like to improve your posture? Do you find that your Shoulders are rounded? Or maybe you are looking to increase Upper Back muscle? If so, then the Seated Cable Row is the exercise for you! The Cable Row is a fantastic exercise as it uses so many muscles in and around the upper back, all with one movement. It helps…

Improve upper body strength, lose weight and build muscle!

DUMBBELL BENCH PRESS Are you looking to improve your Upper body strength? If so, then the Dumbbell Bench Press is the exercise for you! The Dumbbell Bench Press should be a fundamental part of any good upper body workout. It is also a fantastic option to include in any fat loss, or strength based session. This exercise helps to shape, and strengthen many muscles, not…

Can fats be good?

Why Fats ARE good to have in your daily diet. The on-going education into the importance of fat metabolism and insulin sensitivity I am sure you are all aware of the low fat craze that made us cut the Fat from our diet like it was the plague, and instead. . . we decided to go for the higher in sugar alternatives whether you were…