If you’re a passionate shopper who likes to explore every town market you come across for all sorts of new and innovative products, you can always head to Brighton and check out the Lanes. The Lanes is a row of boutiques and shops that demonstrate the more creative side to shopping. The popular shopping destination is regarded by many as a shopper’s paradise, with all sorts of gifts, toys, products and food that you wouldn’t find at any other high street in the country!

The Lanes gets its name from the constant twisting and turning you’ll be doing as you make your way through the countless alleyways. Discovering new areas is all part of the fun and you won’t be left uninterested with a countless number of shops to visit. The Lanes have quite an extensive history having previously been the central part of the old fishing town known as Brighthelmstone.

There’s quite an unrivalled mixture of different things to see at the Lanes. If you’re a fashion enthusiast looking to find some particularly exclusive clothes and accessories, you can wade your way through the numerous jewellery and clothing stores placed all over the maze. In addition, you can search around for some of the more antique products that give the Lanes its traditional value. With specialist shops wherever you turn, you certainly won’t struggle to find what you’re looking for.

If you’ve completed your days shopping and now feeling exhausted with all the changes of direction, there are some exquisite places to settle down and enjoy a tasty meal. The range of traditional cafes and restaurants provide a variety of different cuisine so if you’ve got a preference you won’t be disappointed. Whether it’s a traditional English breakfast, a tasty burger or the pinnacle of sea food cuisine, you certainly won’t go hungry during your time at the Lanes.

There are plenty of skilled buskers scattered throughout the winding streets so you can expect a lively atmosphere full of fun and entertainment. You’ll often be treated to some live music in the street that truly captures the culture of the Lanes and lets you soak up its outstanding historical value. It’s also just a 20-minute drive to Wickwoods Country Club where you can settle down after a long days shopping at our relaxing spa or eat at the delicious restaurant.

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