Group of people taking part in a yoga session in the bright and airy fitness studio
Group holding yoga pose in the fitness studio
Class rolling up their yoga mats in the fitness studio
Light and airy indoor fitness studio with white walls and wooden floor

Members can book classes and tennis courts up to 6 days in advance, either online, in person or via the terminals located in the Club.

We will be constantly monitoring the attendance of the classes and additional classes will be added to the schedule over time as the level of attendance develops.

For details of how to register your account and book online please pick up a copy of the ‘Useful Information’ document in the Club.

To ensure the best possible experience & availability, we would be most grateful if all members could please note the following studio & booking etiquette:

A: All members who book courts or classes and are subsequently unable to attend the booking are requested to cancel the booking in good time to ensure maximum availability.

B: The Club writes to all members who fail to cancel bookings and restricts bookings for those who repeatedly fail to cancel or repeatedly cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice.

C: Members are asked to arrive five minutes before the class starts to register their attendance, collect equipment and be ready to start the warm up.

D: Late arrivals are not allowed to join the class to ensure a quality experience for those that do arrive in good time, as well as to ensure all attendees thoroughly warm up.

E: Members are required to wipe down equipment and work-out space used during the class in the interest of hygiene for all members.

F: Members are asked to put all studio equipment away neatly in the studio cupboard after each class.