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In today’s age, the fitness industry is progressing greatly, leaving behind the days of worrying exactly what the scales tell you weigh and focussing a more precisely how healthy you are! Unspecific weight loss is not necessarily beneficial to the individual if they are losing more than just body fat, but also lean muscle tissue

At Wickwoods Country Club, Hotel and Spa in Sussex we measure body fat and lean muscle tissue as we provide our members with a more detailed health check, nutritional advice and a bespoke exercise programme designed for each individual’s needs. This allows them to learn how to lead a healthier and more active life.

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For the greatest improvements in levels of health and fitness exercise is essential. The benefits of regular physical activity span greater than you may realise. Exercise will help you build and maintain healthy bones, joints and lean muscle tissue, therefore decreasing your risk of osteoporosis, while increasing the efficiency of your cardiovascular system and allowing you to carry out everyday tasks with greater ease and comfort.

The benefits of Eating Healthily

When exercising regularly and looking to maintain a healthy body you should look to eat healthily alongside any training that you do. Eating healthily will allow your body to shed any excess body fat and to gain more strength as you work to increase your physical fitness.

Trying to implement a healthy eating regime can be difficult and frustrating if you aren’t aware of exactly how you can achieve this.

A selection of fruits and vegetablesEating a healthy diet is less about counting the calories you consume daily and more about the quality of the foods that you are consuming. Rather than eating a calorie restricted diet consisting of packaged foods where there are numerous chemicals you can’t pronounce, try to feed your body natural, unprocessed foods. A diet full of colourful fruits and vegetables, high-quality grass-fed meats and organic dairy if you are tolerant is ideal. Foods in their natural forms are far less likely to cause inflammation and stress to the body. Instead these foods will nourish your body and allow it to heal, grow and function correctly.

At Wickwoods, our aim is to provide you with up to date guidance and faster progression. Not only will you learn more about your own body, you will also be able to learn smarter and easier ways of exercising and eating that will allow you to gain the results you want and to progress further.

To find out more why not arrange a free health check or programme review with one of our expert health and fitness trainers by calling 01273 857567 or email chris@wickwoods.co.uk

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