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For your Health, Fitness and Well-being

All Wickwoods exercise classes can be attended by any member regardless of their level of experience; however our schedule provides a number of classes that are more focused towards beginners than others.

During these classes the instructor takes more time to explain aspects of the class as well as the principles and movements to help get you started. Once you feel you have developed your confidence and feel ready to take the next step,  you can then move on to the advanced and more challenging classes.

Exercise Classes suitable for beginners who are building a base level of fitness include:

Over 50s Body Conditioning
Beginners Cycle/ Spin
Supple Strength
Yoga Hatha
Stretch and Tone

Advanced level Exercise Classes:

Yoga Ashtanga

All other classes are suitable for all members with a reasonable level of fitness, with lower impact classes being easier than higher impact classes.

If you have any doubts about which classes might be suitable for you then please speak to one of the health and fitness coaches who will be able to assist your further.