All members are respectfully asked to act in welcoming manner to all other members
and it is a condition of membership to adhere to this ethos.


• are ambassadors of Wickwoods and should lead by example
• promote tennis to new members including tournaments, Sunday Social and other social sessions, team tennis, singles leagues
• support Wickwoods annual tournament & encourage members to be/remain involved
• run Sunday Social according to the agreed guidelines
• are committed to tennis at Wickwoods and to bringing a sense of belonging to each team member at their own particular level
• work towards the squad obtaining the best results for matches and moving up through the leagues
• work with coaches as appropriate to agree match teams according to the club’s selection criteria
• support new players & improvers looking for information on events, guidance & advice
• feedback to Lee or the tennis committee any repairs required & issues such as misconduct, no-shows, or suggestions for good practice etc


• Encourage regular attendance. Commitment is a key aspect of playing for a team and any concerns re lack of commitment should be discussed with the relevant tennis Secretary in the first instance
• Attend on a regular basis and organise your squad, ie arrange pairings, rotating as appropriate to encourage challenge and development of pairs, appropriate match practice pairings
• Collect £10 fee for balls from each squad member at the start of each season


• Courts are automatically booked by the secretaries. Any changes in fixture dates must be passed to the secretary to confirm with the Tennis Liaison & update on the league website
• Circulate fixtures to squad members requesting their availability
• Contact opposition to confirm/request match timings, & advise that captain contacts for the day will be forwarded nearer the time
• Confirm teams for matches on an ongoing basis, including a reserve where possible (it is helpful to let those not selected that they are not required)
• Ensure each squad player has a British Tennis Membership number (BTM)


• Double check courts are still booked & appropriate refreshments
• Reconfirm match with your team, including start time, pairings and captain for the day
• Reconfirm with opposition, including captain contacts for the day


Home games:
• Contact opposing captain on the morning if weather inclement – let Wickwoods team know if match cancelled
• IMPORTANT! Courts and FOOD must be cancelled by 0900 on the day for 1030 start (or 1130 for 1300 start) or food will be charged to the team captain
• Liaise with opposition re rescheduled date, taking into account both mens’ and ladies matches
• NB Tennis Liaison/Reception can advise on availability but bookings must be confirmed in writing by the Secretary)

Captain on the day:
• Act as welcoming host to showcase the club. Offer a tour of facilities after the match
• Collect 2 tubes of balls from reception & a match score card. Check nets. Collect jugs of water
• With other captain identify who are 1st & 2nd pairs & spin to decide who plays who, eg rough = 1sts play 1sts (can be rough/smooth/any combination you wish!)
• Generally home team swap courts after 1st rubber, away team stay put but this is the choice of the visiting team
• Each rubber consists of 2 sets, with a tie-break at 6-6 & a deciding Championship tie break if appropriate (ie first to 10 points with 2 clear lead)
• It is a good idea to liaise with reception after 1st rubber to give rough ETA for food
• Complete a score card, which both captains sign & email results (a scanned copy or photo) to Carolyn & Caroline/Eddy respectively within 24 hours as results must be submitted online within 48 hours or points may be deducted. Please note that first & surnames are needed for opposition but not BTM number

• The club will supply the following which are included in the match fee:
• Lunch/tea = sandwiches, cake, plus a tea, coffee or squash for each person (or £5 for tea/coffee + cake only but this must be confirmed with reception several days in advance so chef is aware of what is required)
• Collect £7.50 match fee from home team & hand £30 to reception (or £20 if reduced refreshments). Please ask for a receipt in case this is queried later

• In the event of rain preventing completion of all rubbers, the result stands provided that ONE round of rubbers has been completed. If not then the match has to be rescheduled, played at the visiting club’s choice of venue, and starting from scratch, ie any rubbers played are disregarded. Liaise with opposition in this event to find a suitable date
• Any match conceded due to injury or retirement shall be scored 6-0, 6-0 to the opposing team
• If a match is abandoned after the arrival of the visiting team then irrespective of whether play has begun the visiting team have choice of venue for replay

Away games – as above where appropriate

Full regulations can be found on the League website, including guidelines regarding the number of matches that can be played up/down & in total for each player