Wickwoods Covid-19 Measures

Measures & Confidence

Visiting Rule:

Even if vaccinated, members and clients are asked not to attend Wickwoods if they have any symptoms (a runny nose, cough, high temperature, shortness of breath or persistent symptoms relating to allergies) until they have been tested and cleared of Coronavirus and their symptoms have passed. If an individual has been to a high-risk area (abroad or within UK), flown, been in the vicinity of a suspected case, or where test results are pending; we request that they do not visit Wickwoods until they are tested and cleared.

Please maintain a sensible social distance, respecting others personal space.


Everyone is able to order NHS tests via Gov.uk for regular testing throughout the week.

For our events, we ask that attendees do a test at home prior - thank you.


Safeguarding throughout Wickwoods:

  • Hand sanitising points
  • Hygiene/ disinfection regimes


The wearing of masks is now optional for both visitors and members of the team. If in close proximity, team members can be asked to wear mask if required.

Some restrictions of masks may apply for our spa treatments, therapist discretion may apply.

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