Indoor & Outdoor Exercise Classes

Timetable of 115 classes

For your confidence, classes are controlled for social distancing. Our timetable will continue to develop in line with demand and social distancing guidelines.

Indoor Classes:
Indoor classes are now allowed to safely take place. Our mechanical ventilation systems in our studios and gym have been increased to max. Systems are on all day, constantly pulling in fresh cooled air from outside while extracting the internal stale air out. Classes will also be held with the doors open and additional measures such as sanitisation and perspex have been implemented.

Outdoor Covered Classes:
46 outdoor classes are held under a large open-sided marquee. 11 members to participate at 2 meters social distancing. We highly recommend bringing layers to keep warm. Should you wish, bring a cushion and blanket for our slower paced classes and meditation.

Live Recorded Classes:
Live labelled classes feature the instructors being recorded or live streamed, this is so you can take part at home or access the class again via

Equipment & Sanitisation:
Wickwoods is currently not providing any equipment or mats for classes. Mats are available to buy at main reception. Where equipment is used, please spray the equipment before and after use, likewise please also sanitise your hands before and after.