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Our Fitness Rewards Journey – Currently Unavailable

Due to social distancing and our 1-2-1 personal training offering during this time, our Fitness Rewards Journey has been placed on hold. We foresee it resuming once again later on in the year, although no date has been scheduled for this.


The Fitness Rewards Journey & Our Commitment To You

Throughout your membership, our friendly team are on hand to help encourage and motivate you. We will stay in touch, review your progress, offer support and advice, plus incentives to help you develop your new lifestyle.

Our Fitness Reward Journey encourages you to partake in various complimentary sessions. Once you collect all 6 fitness reward stamps (on your Fitness Reward Card) you will receive a month’s free membership! Collect your Fitness Reward Card from Reception or the Gym Office.

Your Fitness Rewards Journey Starts Here


A Healthier & Fitter Lifestyle

Take your first step in achieving your goals and commitment to a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Start your Fitness Reward Journey today by booking Your Health & Fitness Induction. You will also collect your first Fitness Reward Stamp!

Upon joining you would have received a Fitness Reward Card in your folder. See inside the Reward Card for more details or should you need a new card, please see the reception desk.



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