Yasmin Mirghani Wickwoods Personal Trainer

I am a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Yoga Instructor and Nutritionist. I have taught in health clubs & studios, and offered 1-1 training in varying locations based on the requests of my clients. I specialise in Strength Training, Body Sculpting and Transformation, Improved Performance, Flexibility, Core Strength and Mobility training.

I am constantly taking courses to improve my skills and am currently enhancing my Strength & Conditioning knowledge by training with elite level coaches. Learning new ways to optimise performance and achieve transformational results is my absolute priority. I have previously travelled to Thailand and India for yoga teacher training and to take part in extensive detox, natural health and mindfulness experiences.

I aim to provide you with the knowledge and training advice you need to lead an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle. I want you to leave our sessions feeling confident that you can take the skills you learn and use them to improve on your personal fitness journey and achieve your personal goals.

‘If you do the work, you get rewarded. There are no shortcuts in life.’  Michael Jordan


• Strength & Conditioning
• Body Sculpting & Transformation
• Functional & Body weight Training
• Flexibility & Mobility
• Optimised Performance
• Female Weight Training & Toning


• Level 3 Personal Training
• Level 3 Yoga Instructor Diploma
• Level 4 S&C Coaching Masters – In Progress
• Level 3 Diet & Nutrition
• Level 3 Clinical Diet & Nutrition for Detoxing & Full
• Body Cleansing