Section 14 of the Club Rules – GUESTS

Members may bring a guest to the Club subject to limitations. Members are requested to adhere to the guest policy and abuse of the guest policy may result in withdrawal of membership.

a) Guests may only attend the Club in the company of a valid paid up member.
b) Other than when dining, the facilities are limited to a maximum of two guests per membership at any one time. All children under 14 years (members or guests) must vacate the Club by 8:30pm.
c) Guests using the facilities may only do so after a member has produced a valid guest pass or purchased a day pass at the prevailing guest rate. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure guest fees are paid. All guests are to be signed in and out at reception when utilising the facilities.
d) Guest fees do not apply purely dining, although reservations are required for parties which include more than three guests.
e) Individual guest visits are restricted to five times in any one 12-month period when using the facilities.
f) Members are responsible for the good conduct of their guests and must ensure their guests abide by the Club’s rules to ensure that the peace and enjoyment of all members is preserved.
g) No member may bring a guest to the Club who has been refused membership or ejected from the Club.
h) Guest Passes are issued to existing members when they join and on an annual basis thereafter or when a new member is referred and joins the Club.
i) Lifestyle members may book a guest space 8 days in advance, Platinum members 10 days.
j) To avoid any disappointment, we strongly advise that Members book their guests in ahead of time by contacting reception on 01273 857567.

The Club reserves the right to restrict guests during peak periods without notice and to make changes to the guest policy that are in the best interests of the Club.

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