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Your Spa win’s the Guinot Crown Award!


Great news for Your Spa! We have just won the Guinot Crown Award for the second year in a row!


Guinot Crown Salon status is recognition of excellence in the field of professional skincare. Attaining this exclusive award certifies impeccable standards of the salon, and is especially granted to those that fulfil the strictest criteria. Guinot Crown Salons will provide the optimal skincare experience, with highly qualified Guinot trained therapists.


We have several Guinot treatments here at Wickwoods, from our Hydradermie facials to the TechniSpa body smoothing treatments. Click the links below to view out treatment brochure and our November-December Newsletter.


For all bookings please call 01273 857567 or email yourspa@wickwoods.co.uk. Alternatively, visit our Your Spa page for further details.