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Guinot Products and Beauty Treatments – Guess what award we’ve won?


We’ve been awarded……..The Guinot Crown Salon Award!

Wickwoods Country Club Sussex Gym Monday at the Guinot annual conference we were awarded “Crown Salon” status.

“Guinot Crown Salon status is recognition of excellence in the field of professional skincare. Attaining this exclusive award certifies impeccable standards of the salon, and is especially granted to those that fulfil the strictest criteria. Guinot Crown Salons will provide the optimal skincare experience, with highly qualified Guinot trained therapists.”

We are very proud to have received this recognition for the high standards of beauty treatments we deliver here at Your Spa. If you are yet to experience Guinot’s exclusive facial the Hydradermie, then I highly recommend it. With the unique innovation enabling fast and deep penetration of ionised treatment ingredients, resulting in exceptional effectiveness!

Or if you have a body concern then Guinot have just recently created a new machine called the Technispa; this machine is fantastic for breaking down stubborn fat and firms the skin. This can treat the body as a whole or we can concentrate on a specific area of concern.