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Guinot’s ultimate slimming treatment coming to Your Spa!


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Introducing the new Guinot TechniSPA

Your Spa is excited to present this innovative Guinot slimming treatment; we will be trialling this new body machine for the next few months. With guaranteed results from the first session this revolutionary treatment is a definite must.

This machine based body treatment is scientifically proven to biologically dissolve fat, physically breaks down cellulite and drains toxins as well as firming and toning the underlying muscles.

On Thursday the 27th of June we will be launching this amazing treatment.

On the night receive a goody bag, discounts and complementary drinks & nibbles.

As well as a demonstration of Guinots fabulous new TechniSPA

We will also be holding a raffle for your chance to win Guinot Body Products.

Please register by emailing chloe@wickwoods.co.uk

We will be offering three TechniSPA body treatments.

Double Slimming:

Using a different massage head, this treatment doubles the manipulation of the skin therefore doubling its effectiveness. The energising ingredients actively release any stored fat which is then burnt up by the stimulating action, this also helps to drain away any toxins in the skin and increases blood circulation.

Overall results:
Cellulite is erased
Skin is smoother
Body is more toned

Firming and Lifting:

This treatment works with the muscles to burn fat. Active ingredients are infused deep into the skin while the muscles receive a workout through stimulation and massage.

Overall results:
Body is more toned
Silhouette is re-sculpted
Skin is firmer

This treatment is most effective on your thighs, waist and arms.

Soothing Legs:

This treatment helps to alleviate ‘heavy legs’. By using menthol and camphor alongside stimulating currents, it increases blood circulation and helps to oxygenate and decongest the tissue.

Overall results:
Legs are lighter, relaxed, slimmer and more toned