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Health & Fitness Coach Amy Brownridge Breaks 3 British Records in The British Power Lifting Championships


Britis Weightlifting World Record

Wickwoods Health & Fitness Coach Amy Brownridge breaks 3 British Records in The British Power Lifting Championships.

Wickwoods is fortunate enough to have some highly skilled staff,  from our chefs through to our therapists, Amy Brownridge a health and fitness coach at Wickwoods has taken her own specialism to an entirely different level having recently secured three British World Records in power lifting.

Congratulations from all the team at Wickwoods Amy on your incredible performance.

Read Amy’s story here:

Strength and Power
I’ve been into fitness and weight training for the past 3 or so years. Starting off on a very basic level I’ve managed to overcome many obstacles and keep going. I believe everyone should have personal goals. If you have nothing to aspire to, then you don’t have anything to aim for. I’ve had many days being the worst critic on my own ability and performance.

Exercise has had such a positive change in my life, psychologically and physically. Over the past 3 – 4 months my main aim has been to compete in body building next year. It still is but bringing my health levels up, eating the correct macronutrients and increasing my training load has made me capable of feats I couldn’t imagine.

I was spotted on a training course showing a level of strength unusual to my gender, age and build by ‘7 Time World Powerlifting Champion’ Andy Bolton. Two weeks later after he made a few calls I was then to compete in The British Powerlifting Championships. This was something I had never done before and had never thought about doing. With a brave face and self-belief I managed to earn myself 3 British Records.

As a personal trainer I know the benefits of exercise can be life changing. You should never think that where you are now is where you have to stay. My progression has been fast, my self-confidence has increased greatly and I’m not done yet. Nothing is impossible.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to come over to the gym and ask me in person.

Amy Brownridge
Personal Trainer
Wickwoods Country Club Hotel and Spa