Sports Massage & Sport Injury Rehabilitation

Injury rehabilitation clinic

Our injury rehabilitation clinic is here to help you get back to feeling your best. We offer a range of holistic therapies to treat aches, pains and injuries including osteopathy, sports therapy and massage.

Treatments & Prices

Initial Consultations £60 (1 hour)
Follow up appointments £50 (30minutes)

Sports Therapy:
Initial consultation £58 (1 hour)
Follow up appointments £48 (30minutes)

Sports Massage:
60 minute appointments £55
45 minutes appointments £47
30 minutes appointments £40

Shockwave Therapy:
£75 per single treatment or £60 per session if a block of 3 or more are booked. Booking 3-4 treatments is advisable.

60minute appointments £45

We can help

- Generalised aches and pains
- Joint pain
- Arthritic pain
- General, acute and chronic back pain
- Uncomplicated mechanical neck pain
- Cervicogenic headaches
- Frozen shoulder
- Tennis elbow
- Sciatica
- Minor sports injuries and tensions

If you are unsure of your issue, we can help identify the problem in a consultation and/ or during treatment.


Natasha Khan MOst | Registered Osteopath

Natasha qualified from the British School of Osteopathy with a master’s degree. She is also a qualified medical acupuncturist and Level 3 Sports Massage therapist.

Natasha was previously a professional tennis player before embarking on a career in osteopathy. She had a senior WTA world ranking of 390 and was top 8 in Great Britain. She travelled the world playing tennis tournaments, including Wimbledon, and also represented Great Britain. Throughout her tennis career she suffered from many injuries, giving her an insight into rehabilitation.

Paul Paredes BSc (Hons) | Sport and Exercise Therapist

Paul is a professional sport and exercise therapist specialising in sports massage and exercise rehabilitation. Since graduating from Leeds Beckett University with a 1st Class Degree, Paul has treated and experienced many sporting injuries.

“As an LTA member and through my love of tennis, I have seen my fair share of injuries. I have an empathetic approach to rehabilitation, particularly when it comes to tennis players. In addition to working for Wickwoods, I am also the sport and exercise therapist for Lewes F.C. Womens team.”

Tom Pask | Sports Massage Therapist

Tom qualified in sports massage therapy, and more broadly, sports therapy, in 2006. His experience of sports therapy, in addition to his experience in gym instruction and personal training, enables him to assist you through the entire recovery of your injury.

Tom’s treatments encompass the initial massages right through to exercise rehabilitation. He can also aid you to return to a sport or physical activity and offer advice around the prevention of any further injuries.


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