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Fitness Reward Journey

Fitness Reward Journey can help you take the first steps in achieving your health and fitness goals, consisting of five complimentary sessions with one of our coaches. They will develop a personal training plan, review your progress, and offer all the support and advice you need to become the best version of yourself.

These sessions are complimentary and valid for 1 year from joining.


  • Step 1 - Your Health & Fitness Induction

    An orientation to all health & fitness that Wickwoods provides, including exercise classes, tennis, gym, sports massage, injury rehabilitation and more. Along with an introduction you will also be shown our Wickwoods fitness app to track your progress and keep you updated with our latest news.

    Duration: 1 hour | Price: complimentary

  • Step 2 - Health Check & Training Plan

    Before your coach takes you through a personalised training plan, you will use our Tanita health check machine to analysis your body composition (body fat %, muscle mass and hydration). During your plan your coach will provide a demonstration of each exercise, checking you are able to undertake each one safely and correctly, whilst also ensuring maximum benefit and progression towards your goals. Having completed this session your training plan will appear on your Wickwoods fitness app.

    Duration: 1 hour | Price: complimentary

  • Step 3 - On-Demand Classes & Nutrition

    Following the health check & training plan, you will receive an email with a digital introduction
    to our complimentary livestreams & on-demand classes via, plus an overview of additional features on our Wickwoods fitness app. Your coach will also include key classes to follow, plus a nutrition handbook curated by our qualified nutrition coach, Tom Pask.

    An Email | Price: complimentary

  • Step 4 - Personal Training & Bio-Age

    Discover the benefits of personal training with a complimentary 45 min session. Your trainer will also re-visit your existing training plan, helping you gain more out of it and progress. You will also be shown how to calculate and discover your bio-age on our Wickwoods fitness app.

    Duration: 1 hour | Price: complimentary

  • Step 5 - Progress Review

    Review your progress over the past months. Your coach will compare your current health & fitness levels that were taken during your health check & training plan session. Your coach will also find out how your previous plans went and will refine/adjust your training plan to ensure continued improvement in your health & fitness.

    Duration: 1 hour | Price: complimentary

  • Step 6 - Partake In An Additional Service

    Make the most of the additional services. Choose from personal training, sports massage, osteopathy, health check & training plan, shockwave therapy, nutritional services and more!

    Duration: 1 hour | Price: from £40

Professional services provided by our qualified practitioners

Additional Services

Need a review or some extra support? Book in for one of our additional services.

  • Personal Training - from £40

    A gym based session with one of the coaches who will support and guide you through your fitness routine. Your coach will pay close attention to exercise selection and your form, helping you achieve your results faster.

    Bulk-buy personal training sessions and receive a discount! Purchase your sessions at reception or ask our team for further details.

  • Health Check & Training Plan - £40

    One of our experienced coaches will create and guide you through a new routine plan, focusing on your current goals. In addition, all plans are also accompanied with a health check which will focus on your BMI, muscle mass, blood pressure and more.

  • Sports Massage - from £40

    Feel better with a sports massage. Our therapist will identify and correct the movement pattern that might be causing the pain, tension or general injury in the first place. Treatments will be tailored to your particular needs.

  • Sports Therapy - £50 & £48 follow ups

    For the prevention of injury and rehabilitation back to sports specific fitness. It is based on the principles of sport and exercise sciences - physiological and pathological processes, focusing on musculoskeletal and soft tissue.

    Price: Initial £50 - follow up £48

  • Osteopathy - £60 & £40 follow ups

    Osteopathy covers many injuries, from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and conditions such as tennis elbow, arthritis or problems with the pelvis, hips and legs. 1 hour initial consultation £60 (typically involves treatment).

  • Shockwave Therapy - £60

    Shockwave therapy is a non-surgical treatment which works by delivering impulses of energy, targeted to specific damaged tissues within the ab-normal tendon; treatment increases the blood flow within the affected area, stimulating cell regeneration and healing, while also decreasing local factors which can cause pain.

  • Reflexology - £45

    Pressure is applied to reflex points on the foot, these correspond to organs and areas of the body. Treatment is thought to induce healing and alleviate some ailments. With repeated pressure of nerve endings, reflexology may help to clear channels of blocked energy by moving the flow of blood, nutrients and nerve impulses, which improves overall health and balance.

  • Nutrition Consultation - £75

    A 90 min appointment with our qualified nutrition coach to assess your current diet, body composition statistics, and nutritional requirements. Following assessment, evidence based nutritional guidance and exercise recommendations are then provided, in line with the goals that you have. *Please note that individualised meal plans cannot be provided.

  • Nutrition Course - £200

    In addition to the nutritional consultation, with this package you will also receive 4 x 60-minute coaching sessions. These are to help build on your consultation and personal goals, to coach you towards improving your diet, and lifestyle in a personalised, collaborative and informative way. *Please note that individualised meal plans cannot be provided.

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