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Fitness Reward Journey

Our Fitness Reward Journey can help you take the first steps in achieving your health and fitness goals. Our 6-step plan consists of six complimentary sessions with one of our coaches. They will develop a personal exercise plan, review your progress, and offer all the support and advice you need to become the best version of yourself.

Plus, once you've completed all the steps and collected 6 stamps on your Fitness Reward Card, you'll be entitled to a month's free membership!

  • Step 1 - Your health and fitness induction

    An introduction to health and fitness with one of our health and fitness coaches. During your induction, you will be provided with your Fitness Reward Card and given your first stamp towards a month's free membership. You're now on your way to a fitter and healthier you.

    Duration: 1 hour | Price: free

  • Step 2 - Consultation and assessment

    During this appointment, you'll discuss your health and fitness goals and map out the best possible pathway to achieve these. At this stage, your current health and fitness will be assessed. This will give you a marker from which to measure your progress and to keep you motivated along your journey.

    Duration: 1 hour | Price: free

  • Step 3 - Personalised exercise programme

    During this appointment, you will be taken through the personal exercise programme that has been created by your health and fitness coach. Your coach will provide a demonstration of each exercise. They will also check that you are able to undertake them safely and correctly.

    Duration: 1 hour | Price: free

  • Step 4 - 12-week review

    This appointment is all about reviewing your progress. During the review, the coach will compare your current fitness levels against those that were taken during your initial consultation and assessment. The coach will also refine and adjust your exercise programme to ensure continued improvement in your health and fitness.

    Duration: 1 hour | Price: free

  • Step 5 - Progress review

    If you have managed to make the necessary changes to your lifestyle, including regularly following your fitness programme, you are likely to have made some progress towards your goals. This appointment gives you another opportunity to review your current health and fitness against your 12-week review and initial test scores.

    Duration: 1 hour | Price: free

  • Step 6 - Choose an additional service

    Make the most of one of our additional services. Choose from personal training, sports massage, sports therapy, osteopathy, 1-2-1 pilates, one of our monthly workshops, posture analysis, and fitness assessments.

    Duration: 1 hour | Price: £25

  • Step 7 - Claim a month's free membership!

    Once you have completed all six steps, and collected your stamps on your Fitness Reward Card, you are entitled to claim a month's free membership! To redeem your reward, please hand in your completed Fitness Reward Card at reception.

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