1. Online Classes & Tutorials

NOTE: You must be a subscribed Member (Not suspended) to access all that is available through the Home Service. You can join or re-activate for £35 per month, for this please email membershipservices@wickwoods.co.uk

All Members need to create a password for access to the Online Classes & Tutorials (You only need to create a password once)

Members follow the below steps:

1. Once you click the link below enter your email registered with Wickwoods (The one you use for bookings) as your username, then select Send Reset Password Email.

2. A link to set a new password will then be sent to your email.

3. When you receive the link, enter a new password over 8 characters long (No symbols). You can then enter your username (email) and new password for instant access. Thereafter, you can access the service via the Wickwoods homepage.

4. After reading the above steps – Click here to start

(If you continue to have trouble after following the above steps, please contact reception@wickwoods.co.uk)