Our company has been here before! Back in 2000 Wickwoods was owned and successfully operated by one of the current directors (Lee Goossens) in a different company structure to that of today. Lee sold the business in 2005. By 2010 the business had become run down and was bought back by Lee and a number of business associates. Since then the company has carried out a significant redevelopment of the facilities and there are some exciting plans for the future.

The Team

There is a strong team focus here at Wickwoods and the entire team takes great pride in the service we provide. Our aim is for our members and clients to be welcomed and served by a staff who demonstrate commitment, passion, and an enthusiasm for excellence.

Our Commitment

Our experienced management team are well aware of the challenges in providing a fantastic experience for our members and guests. We are all committed to offering an excellent working environment and supporting all employees to reach their personal career goals. You will be provided with the resources you require and will be treated with respect in a fair, professional way at all times. We are committed to ensuring our teams are involved and informed so they have every chance of giving their best. We want to help you become the best you can and want to be.

Your Commitment

While we appreciate your experience and knowledge, we are more interested in your personal qualities and your motivation for delivering excellent service. These will determine your attitude in the workplace and your loyalty to the business, your colleagues and our guests. There are 6 vital areas in which all our employees at every level are encouraged to achieve excellence. We call these our KEY STANDARDS:

1) Appearance and Personal Presentation. ‘Looking our best and creating the right impression at every occasion all through the working day.’

2) Customer Service.‘As simple as a smile, an acknowledgement, listening to and meeting our members’ and guests’ needs, helping members and guests to resolve issues and get the best out of their time in our company. We are deliverers of personal service to all our members and guests, ensuring all are treated as individuals.’

3) Team Work.  ‘Working together to deliver excellence. Realising every action has a consequence and ensuring all our actions help our colleagues give of their best.’

4) Telephone Handling. ‘A commitment to ensure that guest service on the telephone matches our personal face-to-face service at all times. Creating the right impression before, during and after a member’s visit or guest’s stay.’

5) General Tidiness. ‘All taking our share of the responsibility in making sure our hotel, spa and department look tidy. Protecting our fantastic reputation and keeping our wonderful Club, Hotel & Spa looking its best at all times.’

6) Health and Safety. ‘Ensuring every person who enters our business has confidence in our ability to run the business in a safe and healthy way.’