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Looking to improve your stamina and aerobic fitness?



Wickwoods Country Club Sussex Gym
Are you looking to improve your stamina and aerobic fitness?
Perhaps endless walking or cycling for hours a week is becoming boring?

Sound like you?…then why not have a go at the growing trend – Interval Training!

Interval training is a method used to enhance aerobic fitness. It is easily variable making it a perfect option for the novice and experienced trainer alike. It involves using alternate periods of active recovery and active effort in order to improve Cardiovascular fitness.

It also has an extensive range of benefits compared to other common Cardiovascular training methods, such as ‘Steady state’ endurance training! Examples of these are:

• Increased Productivity – It is proven that using Intervals brings you better results in a shorter time!
Progressive Intensity – Working at a faster rate not only gives you more motivation, but also makes you more efficient!
Greater Heart & Lung Efficiency – In as short as 8 weeks of using Interval training your Heart will be more productive!
Greater Metabolic Efficiency – Interval training stimulates your body to burn body fat and promote muscle growth!
• Muscle Retention vs Fat Loss – Interval training ensures that the body does not turn ‘catabolic’, by burning muscle tissue for energy. Instead it helps to reduce body fat and actually helps muscle to grow! Interval training causes stress to intramuscular cells which then grow in an attempt to make the next session easier. Lots of Interval training equals lots of muscle growth!

Why not ask the gym team to explain this in more detail, we can also create a programme for you using this technique.