Brow Design with Marvet Gad

With Brows being one of the biggest beauty trends in the UK it’s no wonder now more then ever women are looking for a helping hand to get their brows back!

The correct brow shape has the ability to frame and lift the face whilst opening the eyes bringing out your best features. Sadly, most of us had succumbed to the 90’s craze of over-plucking our brows which left pencil-thin tadpoles that never grew back! In most cases brow hair grows back patchy and sparse leaving thin tails, bald bulbs or uneven shapes.

Microblading offers a revolutionary way to create new brows that uses the most advanced techniques to apply pigment into the skin using tiny micro needles that can create the look of a real hair strand. The needle can flow in the same direction as the hair growth, forming a wonderful natural looking eyebrow. This technique of ‘Hairstroke” is the finest form of eyebrow tattooing. The brows are designed around your natural face shape, bone structure and most importantly the way you want them! The correct pigment is chosen to replicate your natural brow hair colour and compliment your underlying skin tone.

So say goodbye to brow pencil, brow tinting and having smudged brows and hello beautiful feathered beauties that stay put even when it’s raining!



Brow Design – £250

Includes two treatments:
• 1st procedure: A full consultation, design drawing and then creation of your new brows.
• 2nd procedure: A touch up treatment 4-8 weeks later.

The procedure itself includes topical numbing anesthetic to ensure it’s as comfortable as possible.

Two treatments are part of the full package as this is semi-permanent cosmetics which means the pigment is not penetrating as deep as a regular tattoo. The first treatment will see some fading of the hairs during the healing process, this is completely normal whilst the body is getting used to holding the pigment. So the second touch up procedure is to replace any faded hairs to ensure the brows are perfect again. Following your second treatment brows should require a colour boost top up each year to keep the best look.



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