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Are your feet not in the best condition?

Receive treatment for common issues such as:


Hard skin, cracked heels, corns, nails and callus, skin and nail infections, verrucae/warts, ingrowing toenails, stiff feet, arthritic foot pain and other foot issues or injuries.

Treat your foot concerns with general podiatry and chiropody. After the identification of your condition, in your appointment you may receive a recommendation of sports medicine, nail surgery, acupuncture, laser therapy, manipulation and a postural assessment.



What is Podiatry?

A Podiatrist is a professional who deals with diagnosing and treating all types of foot problems, skin and nail infections and those associated with poor foot function which can affect the knees, hips, back and neck.



Popular Treatments include:

Medical Pedicure
Includes all foot nail and skin problems addressed. All hard skin removed. Leg and foot massage.

Analysis & Clinical Massage
Clinical Massage is a non-invasive bodywork therapy that aims to facilitate your bodies healing through manual therapy, exercise and education.




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