Reflexology at Wickwoods




Reflexology is a popular alternative medicine system. Through gentle pressure and massage on specific trigger points, the technique is used to release positive energy flow, make you calmer and increases energy levels. Reflexology works on the basis of healing the body and mind by using its own intrinsic energy. Working on reflexology pressure points in hands and feet can ease stress, relieve chronic pain or other conditions affecting the body. This therapy may also help the body release toxins, soothe ailing organs and can also mitigate the symptoms to a significant level.

Treatment will be concentrating on the hands and feet. Enjoy the benefits of this 100% natural treatment.

 1hr | £40.50 Members | £45 Non-Members

Limited time only – 10% off your first 2 treatments



Reflexologist Yasmin Khan

Qualified in Level 3 Reflexology

Team Member at Wickwoods since 2014





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