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Rounded shoulders? Here is the solution!



Would you like to improve your posture?
Do you find that your Shoulders are rounded?
Or maybe you are looking to increase Upper Back muscle?

If so, then the Seated Cable Row is the exercise for you!

The Cable Row is a fantastic exercise as it uses so many muscles in and around the upper back, all with one movement.

It helps to strengthen and tone not only the vast Latissimus muscles of the back but also the Rhomboids and Trapezius of the Upper back, and also the Biceps!

Wickwoods Country Club Sussex GymWickwoods Country Club Sussex Gym







1. Set the cable at the bottom with either the V grip or the handles attached, using the blue pin select an appropriate weight to be able to perform 8 to 10 reps.
2. Keeping the knees soft and the core tight sit facing the stack with a straight spine. Keep the shoulders back and avoid OVER reaching further forward at all.
3. Holding the handles firmly engage the shoulder blades by squeezing them together as you then pull the handles towards you into the Chest.
4. Hold this position for 1 second before slowly releasing the handles forward.
5. Just before the weight returns to the stack move into your next repetition