It’s hard to miss the beautiful rolling hills of the South Downs if you’re travelling through Sussex, with Britain’s newest national park covering over 70 miles. The truly stunning landscape attracts holiday-goers throughout the year and offers diversity with pretty local villages and a pleasant pastoral atmosphere wherever you go. The South Downs is praised as a truly inspiring holiday destination as it offers you the chance to explore unique habitats, historical values and the splendid wildlife.

If you’re looking for the perfect example of English culture and beauty, look no further than the South Downs. With a multitude of historical elements and countless examples of spirited working communities you can get a genuine taste of what the British countryside is all about. You can explore some of the oldest and most traditional shops in the bustling market towns situated throughout the South Downs or you can venture to the iconic cathedral city of Winchester.

There are all sorts of natural habitats to explore throughout the whole of the South Downs, from the vast grasslands to the intriguing ancient woodland. You can even stumble across some notable monuments that are now regarded as cornerstones of ancient history. The National Trust is devoted to looking after such a splendid part of the country and always ensures that all the natural beauty of the South Downs is cared for.

If you want to stay for longer and take in the countryside experience provided by the South Downs, you can always stop by at some of the wonderfully traditional cottage bed & breakfasts that are scattered throughout the year. You can even access one of the many campsites in the area to get even closer to nature. You could even take the short 30 mile journey east and stop by at our country club.

The national park offers you the fantastic opportunity to roam across the open networks of land and take in the glorious atmosphere. With farmers situated across the national park you’ll be able to get a glimpse of this unique way of life, with farm animals scattered across the rolling hills and vegetation in abundance wherever you go. The national park is not entirely free to roam, so make sure you know exactly where foresters and farmers prohibit access to their land.

You certainly won’t be left with a lack of activities at the South Down’s national park, so make sure you make it one of the highlights of your journey when venturing across the South East this year.


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