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Mixed doubles match

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Wickwoods Sunday Open Social

Play doubles in a fun and relaxed atmosphere!

The Sunday social runs each Sunday 11:30-13:00. All members are welcome to play in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. All ratings welcomed to join.

For any questions please email

Read the terms of the Sunday Social – Click here

Please remember that all members are respectfully asked to act in a welcoming manner to all other members. It is a condition of membership to adhere to this ethos.

We ask that you read and abide by the below Sunday Social guidelines.

• Please report to the host on arrival and add your name tag to the list of waiting players on the hosting board.

• If you do not yet have a name tag, please use a Guest tag and let the host know if you plan to attend regularly so that a personalised tag can be ordered.

• The player whose name is at the top of the ‘waiting to play’ list should select 3 players from the next 6 names to make their four. The host will be happy to assist with selection if required.

• Players are asked to select a Mixed Doubles, unless this is not possible.

• A round will consist of 7 games where possible, or 5 during busier periods to avoid long waiting times. Deuces will be sudden death on the 2nd deuce (receiver chooses on which side to receive).

• Players should always return to the board after completion of a match. Please do not mix-in on the same court for a further round unless specifically asked to do so by the host.

• Please let the host know when you are leaving the session and return your name tag to the main pool of names on the board.

• If it seems likely that no further play will take place on your court, please collect all the balls and return them to the host.

• Please dispose of your drinks cups in the bins provided.

• Please observe guidelines regarding use of clay courts, ie dragging & shoe cleaning.

Your host is there to make your session as enjoyable as possible so please talk to them if you would like more information about tennis at Wickwoods. They will be happy to explain other opportunities within our comprehensive tennis programme or to answer any queries.

Thank you to all the Committee members and team captains who give their time to run the Sunday Social


Book the Sunday Social via email or call 01273 857567