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Our delicious Sussex Rump Steak Burger!

-------------------- The Wickwoods Rump Steak Burger -------------------- We've been quizzing our Head Chef Neil Ruzicka about his delicious Homemade Rump Steak Burger - available on our À La Carte menu. PREPARATION - In the kitchen, our burger is created using tender rump steak sourced from Gunne butchers (Established 1928), it is minced and combined with onions, thyme, rosemary, paprika, salt and pepper, horseradish, English mustard, brown sauce…

Christmas Ball – Sold out!

Our Fabulous Christmas Ball is now fully booked, and it's only the beginning of October! Over the last few years this has proven to be one of our most popular events and it seems to be getting even more popular. The event includes a delicious three course choice menu and great music throughout the night, we look forward to seeing everyone who managed to get…

Spectacular Summer Ball

  Join us on Saturday the 15th of June for our spectacular Summer Ball. An extravagant evening of elegance, mouth-watering food and wonderful music. Choose from a delicious 4 course menu complemented with an evening of brilliant music starring the fantastic Choice Band. With appearances at Elton John’s Christmas Ball and the Variety Club of Great Britain Guild’s Annual Ball The Choice know how to…