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Updated 9/4/21
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Indoor Tennis Courts

After our long beautiful summer this year, it is safe to say that autumn has arrived. Our tennis courts are now winter ready with the air dome (The Bubble) going up yesterday! A big relief to a lot of you, we now have two indoor tennis courts ready for play. We also now have a completion date for the brand new permanent indoor tennis courts…

Tennis Courts Update!

Look whats going up today! The brand new tennis courts have got a side! Still on track for completion, we are now preparing for the Grand Opening... look out for more details soon!

New Tennis Complex

Wickwoods New Indoor Tennis Complex Here at Wickwoods we are getting very excited about this new addition to the Club! We have been watching it going up over the last few months and can't wait to see it completed! It has stuck well to it's original completion date and should hopefully be up and running towards the end of October, this brand new beautiful complex…