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Full Fat, Low Fat and Essential Fatty Acids

The relationship between your brain & essential fatty acids -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The demonization of fat in the 80’s has created confusion and propaganda in the nutrition world. We were told to eat ‘low fat’ and bombarded by ‘fat free’ options, and recommendations on how to consume less ‘bad’ fat and how ‘ eating less fat will protect your heart’. Of course, the ‘bad’ fats they were referring…

Can fats be good?

Why Fats ARE good to have in your daily diet. The on-going education into the importance of fat metabolism and insulin sensitivity I am sure you are all aware of the low fat craze that made us cut the Fat from our diet like it was the plague, and instead. . . we decided to go for the higher in sugar alternatives whether you were…

Do you know what your food really contains?

When shopping for food, do you take extra care into looking at what your food products contain? Make sure you know exactly what you are buying. Opt for High quality products. Look out for cheaper alternatives as they are more likely than not to contain hidden ingredients to make up the bulk of the product. This then allows the manufacturer to still make a profit on…