Outdoor rattan seating area surrounding cosy fire
Outdoor rattan seating area surrounding cosy fire
Outdoor rattan seating area surrounding cosy fire
Outdoor rattan seating area surrounding cosy fire
Outdoor rattan seating area surrounding cosy fire
Outdoor rattan seating area surrounding cosy fire
Outdoor rattan seating area surrounding cosy fire
Outdoor rattan seating area surrounding cosy fire
Outdoor rattan seating area surrounding cosy fire
The bar area at Wickwoods featuring the coffee machine
Drinks being poured at the bar
Cosy lounge area with brown sofas and garden view
Fine dining for two with red wine steak and chips
Steam room in the spa with blue tiles and lighting
Wickwoods swimming pool
Man enjoying the hydro pool
Lady on treadmill with personal trainer making notes


Tennis, Induction, Programme & Coaching

Since 1975, Wickwoods has been providing a wonderful play, learn and enjoy tennis. Play in one of the best presented tennis facilities in Sussex, just a few minutes from Brighton, and nearby villages of Henfield, Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill. Alongside Tennis, Membership includes access to comprehensive health, fitness and wellbeing facilities – Click here

Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished player; enjoy our extensive programme for all levels. Meet other players in our socials and group sessions. 

(Limited availability, over 16’s only) Please adhere to our Tennis Guidelines – Click here



Complimentary Court Use For All Members

Why not try tennis! Easy, fun and socially distanced; now’s a great time to play tennis. Book a court at reception, online or by phone.

Book a court up to six days in advance online from 20:00
or by phone from 20:30



New to tennis? Complimentary On-Court Induction

New members or those new to tennis have the opportunity to take up a complimentary 30 minute on-court induction, where they will receive a ratings card & more information on tennis. The complimentary Inductions are a great opportunity to meet like-minded players of a similar ability whilst exploring tennis at Wickwoods. Book yours today at reception, by email or phone.

Book an Induction up to six days in advance online from 21:00
or by phone from 21:30



Private Professional Coaching

Develop your game alongside one of our amazing coaches, on hand providing qualified coaching expertise. Private coaching is available for individuals from £35. Coaching for groups of up to 4, £12.50-£22.50. Email Yasmin our tennis liaison at tennis@wickwoods.co.uk




Socials, Turn Up & Play!

Improved Accessibility. From 11th July, no booking is required for any social. Members can turn up and play. For more info please contact reception.


Complimentary Friday Night Open Social / Food & Drink Offer!
Upgrade from Fri 16th July

Beginners-Advanced social 18:30-20:00! Attendees will also receive a ticket for a bar food & drink offer.



Updated Tennis Programme & Ratings

Our new tennis programme bookable now, enjoy complimentary inductions, socials from £2 and group sessions for all levels for £15.

A Ratings Card is required to attend the programmes groups and socials. Attend a complimentary Induction to receive a ratings card. Inductions are bookable at reception, by email or phone. Ratings now comprises of beginners, Improvers, Intermediates, Intermediate+, Advanced and Advanced+. Members who have ratings card, can request a review during any coaching or coach-led social play session.

The team, coaches & hosts are subject to regular reviews, ensuring their sessions held are Covid-Secure.

Book a programme session up to six days in advance online from 21:00
or by phone from 21:30




All players must adhere to our Tennis Guidelines



Phone service Mon/ Sun 07:30-19:30 only, 01273 857567



Aerial view of outdoor tennis courts

Tennis Facilities:

• Total of 8 Courts
• 2 Indoor Courts (4 in the Winter)
• 6 Outdoor Courts (4 in the Winter)
• Artificial Clay Courts
• Flood-lighting (No fees)
• Online court booking (No fees)
• Coaching Programme & Socials
• Team Tennis
• Tournaments through the year

Membership Includes:

• Full access to our Tennis Facilities
• Gymnasium & Exercise Classes
• Swimming & Hydro Pool
• Sauna & Steam Room
• Members Bar & Lounge

Start Tennis: Current members wishing to start tennis are encouraged to book a free tennis induction at our Meet the Coach Session held on the third Saturday each month, members only.





Our Courts

Wickwoods offers a choice of outdoor and indoor tennis, with 6 floodlight courts, of which 2 are dome covered during the colder months, and 2 permanent indoor courts.

Outdoor Tennis Courts

Our Approved Advantage RedCourt® tennis courts offer a superior artificial playing surface for year round play. Combining the appearance and playing characteristics of clay with the advantages of an all-weather playing surface, matches and training can take place on an ideal playing surface, with minimal downtime through the year.

Compared to traditional clay tennis court, this surface provides a wonderful alternative. Just like a regular clay court, play takes place on an unbound surface, offering the same surface speed, bounce and overall comfort you would expect. Players are able to slide in a controlled motion, able to cover the entire court area with less effort and stress on ligaments and joints.

However, unlike traditional clay courts, Advantage RedCourt® surfaces offer year-round playability while requiring far less maintenance. One of the distinct advantages this artificial all-weather surface has over natural clay, natural grass and cushioned acrylic surfaces is its rapid drainage capabilities. It features a porous system, meaning play can take place whatever the weather condition.

What’s more, these synthetic clay courts are sand infilled, meaning watering to eliminate dust problems are not necessary.

Indoor Tennis Courts

Our new state-of-the art indoor tennis facility was completed in 2013, adding 2 indoor courts in a permanent steel-framed structure with shaded cladding to blend in with our beautiful woodland setting. This takes the total number of covered tennis courts at Wickwoods to 4.

Wickwoods was the first tennis club to install LTA approved lighting to provide a simulated daylight environment that offers less glare, sharper ball definition and enhanced play conditions. The new indoor courts are finished in purple, the preferred colour at both Wimbledon and the US Open.