Clay Courts West Sussex

Artificial clay courts

Our Approved Advantage RedCourt® provides a wonderful alternative to traditional clay tennis courts with parallel appearance, play characteristics and advantages. They play like regular clay tennis courts as they provide the surface speed, bounce and player comfort that tennis players expect from a clay surface.

See below our Coaches Cup Exhibition Match Video
Top local coaches and players came together for advanced matches, battling it out for the Champion title.

Why Artificial Clay?

Unlike traditional clay, our artificial clay courts are available year-round and requires far less servicing than real clay. This all-weather surface prevents the limitations that often occur with cushioned acrylic surfaces, natural clay surfacing or natural grass with varying climate conditions.

Players can enjoy the slide capabilities that this surfaces offers. It performs very well in the wet, incorporating a porous system which results in rapid drainage capabilities and allows play to commence no matter the condition! No watering and no dust is a big advantage because this eliminates the requirement of having the tennis courts watered to enable first class playability.

The Lodge

Opposite the Artificial Clay Courts, Members can use our Lodge; watch matches and wait for coaches comfortably inside. There are changing rooms and WCs located here for tennis players and exercise class attendees. Coach and Osteopathy Tasha Khan also operates her Injury Rehabilitation Clinic here, assisting aliments, minor injuries and joint / back issues.

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