If you’re looking for somewhere to hone your tennis skills in lessons or simply play for leisure near Henfield, Wickwoods is proud to offer state of the art tennis facilities to its customers. Our floodlit all-weather and indoor courts are suitable for everyone from beginners to seasoned tennis players, and mean you can get your practice in all year round.

Our refurbished courts are perfect for social and competitive play and we’re building two more indoor courts a the moment,  if you’ve been considering joining a tennis club, Wickwoods is the place to do it. We offer access to tournaments and the Sussex League as part of the Wickwoods Tennis Programme, which allows committed tennis players to get involved in tennis on a competitive level in a series of enjoyable matches.

The covered courts mean you don’t have to stop playing tennis through the rainy winter months, and gives you a fantastic opportunity to maintain a consistent routine in your training and playing schedule. Our court environment also enables you to keep all of your play and training in one place for your own convenience.

Not only this, but if you’re a Wickwoods member, you get the use of the tennis courts, spa, pool, exercise classes and gym facilities included in the price of your membership, along with having free access to the floodlights or indoor courts which would be the case at many other venues. This means that for tennis fans, this is excellent value for money.

If you would like more information about Wickwoods’ tennis facilities, get in touch today and we will be happy to give you more details.



Health Club West Sussex

Tennis Facilities:

• Total of 8 Courts
• 2 Indoor Courts (4 in the Winter)
• 6 Outdoor Courts (4 in the Winter)
• Artificial Clay Courts
• Flood-lighting (No fees)
• Online court booking (No fees)
• Coaching Programme & Socials
• Team Tennis
• Tournaments through the year

Membership Includes:

• Full access to our Tennis Facilities
• Gymnasium & Exercise Classes
• Swimming & Hydro Pool
• Sauna & Steam Room
• Members Bar & Lounge

Start Tennis: Current members wishing to start tennis are encouraged to book a free tennis induction at our Meet the Coach Session held on the third Saturday each month, members only.