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Top Tips for Beautiful Summer Skin


Summer may not be completely here but we have had a few lovely days with hopefully more on their way. So to help you get your skin ready for all this lovely sunshine please read our top tips for beautiful summer skin.

1. As we have said before, exfoliation is important throughout the year and throughout the summer it continues to stimulate and renew the skin cells whilst dealing with the added sun tan lotion, after sun and moisturisers we tend to use more frequently during the summer months. Exfoliating helps to clear the skin of any excess oils left behind from using sun tan lotion and other moisturisers, and due to use of these products our skin tends to be less dry and sensitive and can withstand a more vigorous exfoliation. Be careful though as freshly exfoliated skin is more prone to burning, so make sure you apply sun tan lotion before heading out.

2. Sun tan lotion! Always try to use products with an SPF of 15 -30 as they are best for protecting your skin. Using make up or a tinted moisturiser with SPF may not always be enough protection, apply a layer of sun tan lotion underneath any make up you wear to make sure you will be protected. Make sure you re-apply every couple of hours to make sure you stay safe throughout the day.

3. Moisturising is still important even whilst applying sun tan lotion throughout the day and as the clothes get smaller for the summer it is important to keep your skin soft and hydrated. Opt for a lighter, faster absorbing moisturiser as most of us are in a rush to get out and enjoy the day. The best time to moisturise is straight after you shower.

4. Drink plenty of water! You need to nearly double the amount of water you’d normally drink in the winter as you loose a lot more fluid through perspiration.

5. Don’t forget about your feet, it’s time to ditch the winter boots and slip on summer sandals so with your feet on show go and get a pedicure. Your Spa offers pedicure treatments perfect to prepare your feet for the summer. Alternatively use a foot scrub 2 -3 times a week when you shower to keep your feet free of dry dead skin.

Eager for that summer glow? Here at Your Spa we offer our New Luxury Guinot Self Tan Treatment, a manually applied self tanning cream that will give you an all over golden tan all year round. The treatment includes an exfoliation for a beautiful, smooth, even natural result. Also available is our Sienna X Spray tan. Book your treatment here.

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