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Torch your body fat with this one exercise!


Can you squeeze in just one more exercise?

The exercise that will finish your session with a bang? The exercise that will torch body fat? The exercise that will send your heart rate soaring? If you can, then…

The Kettlebell Swing is the exercise for you!

Wickwoods Country Club Sussex Gym
The Kettlebell Swing is a fantastic exercise as it is so versatile! It helps to strengthen and tone not only your core, but also the posterior chain of muscles – The hamstrings, spinal extensors, and gluteals (your backside!). It also spikes the heart rate, giving you a fantastic Cardiovascular workout!

1. Place an appropriately weighted Kettlebell on the floor one pace ahead of you.

2. Keeping the knees soft bend fully at the hips bringing the spine parallel to the floor. This will allow you to hold on the Kettlebell with both hands.

3. ‘Hike’ the Kettlebell back between the legs allowing the arms to swing back too. This movement will engage the Gluteals and Hamstring muscles.

4. Now immediately ‘snap’ the hips forward into extension by squeezing the backside tightly. As this happens extend the spine so that you finish standing tall.

5. The power of this movement should ideally overtake the Kettlebell and provide the necessary momentum for it to swing up to around your chest height.

6. As the Kettlebell falls again between the legs repeat the above from step 4.