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Blog 1: COUNTDOWN TO A NEW ME! By Valentina Harris



Blog 1: COUNTDOWN TO A NEW ME! By Valentina Harris

With the support of Healthy Food Guide magazine, the discipline of the Nutracheck app and the wonderful people at Wickwoods Country Club, Hotel & Spa, I have begun my journey towards losing weight, getting fit and generally becoming a healthier version of myself.

After the very sad death of my lovely pet, Chef the Dog, earlier this year – who kept me fit by walking miles over the beautiful Sussex Downs in rain or shine – I realised I was becoming something of a couch potato. Walking without him was just plain lonely and depressing. I joined Wickwoods, my local club, thinking I would do some swimming and perhaps the occasional yoga or Pilates class, which is about as far as my ambitions were leading me! But a chance meeting with Melanie Leyshon, editor of Healthy Food Guide magazine, on the Aldo Zilli radio show led to a much more intense programme being put in place.

Anybody who knows me will understand that a structured eating programme and a gym environment are as alien to me as embarking on a trip in a spaceship, so this is a real challenge – but one that is much easier to embrace with all the amazing support I’m getting (which also makes it impossible to give up!).

So far, Wickwoods has diligently and professionally put me through my paces with the Biomechanics Test, overseen by the very patient Tom; the Fitness Test, overseen by the marvellous Chris; and, having established that my 30-year-old back injury was going to have a bearing on my exercise programme, this was followed up by a session with one of the resident osteopaths. The truly magical hands of Tasha have, after just one session, put a new spring in my step. So now we can move forward with the hard work in the gym, a weekly Mobility Circuits class and plenty of swimming.

Healthy Food Guide has kindly supplied me with lots of delightful, tasty recipes to use, so I’ve been cooking up a healthy storm at home, without actually having to give up any of the things that I simply can’t live without. Nutracheck is a brilliant tool to use and keeps me disciplined, too. It’s amazing how much easier – and sometimes, eye-opening – it all is when you keep a record of what you’re eating and drinking.

My erratic lifestyle and many work commitments, all inextricably linked to delicious food, is going to mean I’m going to have to keep up the exercise and healthy eating regime on my own while I’m on the road in the coming weeks, but with the next assessment at Wickwoods booked in for 14 December, I’m determined to keep going. So wish me luck… and watch this space!

For more information about the Healthy Food Guide Get Waisted Weight-loss Challenge, go to healthyfood.co.uk/getwaisted. You’ll also find hundreds of dietitian-approved recipes, plus health and nutrition advice.

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