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    26 September 2021

    Vinyasa Yoga with Yvonne (Sun am)

    10:15 am (45 minutes)

    Yoga Vinyasa

    A Dynamic Flow to awaken the body, whilst challenging strength & stability whilst also improving flexibility..

    26 September 2021

    Relax & Meditate with Paul (Sun am)

    11:45 am (60 minutes)

    Relax & Meditate In this class we learn ways to calm mind and body, cultivate wellbeing and awareness, press “pause” and allow the body to benefit from exercise and activity. We’ll practice several different relaxation and meditation techniques which can be applied in our everyday lives. The class starts with gentle movement, followed by lying-down relaxation, then a sitting meditation. Suitable for complete be­ginners and the more experienced, instructions can be tailored to individual needs.